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Yoga for Life

Somewhere around my 50th birthday, my daughter gave me a yoga mat and video. She assured me that yoga was something I needed for de-stressing and keeping my body limber. I took it to heart and have been practicing yoga fairly routinely ever since. I have had a couple of yoga instructors I really loved, a couple that were ok, and one I just could not forgive for replacing my Favorite Yoga Teacher, Brian. But I keep it up here at home, when I do not go to classes at the gym.

A few years ago, my brother (the Doctor--as opposed to the Dentist or the told me of an article he had read about the correlation between how easy or difficult it is for a person to get up off the floor and how long they can expect to live. As I intend to live to 109, I figured I had better get after it!

Although, as in any exercise routine, the first few weeks of yoga practice left me with a subtle all-over achiness, I have never, ever regretted it. Staying limber and pushing my body to bend and twist have been extremely beneficial for playing with little grandchildren and great nieces and nephews, as well as for gardening. I have to admit that in my late 40s, once I got down on the ground, I would look around to be sure there was not anything else I needed to accomplish while in that position! Not so much, anymore--even at my ripe old age!

When I began snowboarding at 40, my instructor assured me that I would hate it the first full season, but that after that, if I stuck with it, I would really love it....Yoga is kind of that way. Bending and stretching muscles that have been left to their own devices for years and years will be unpleasant for awhile, but you will be amazed at the difference in how you will feel if you keep at it.

I have various yoga dvds in my library and tried them all. But this is my favorite. It has an AM and PM practice; both of them I highly recommend.

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