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This T-rex is just what any dino-loving kid would want! It comes with a tower fitted to go around the dino for characters to reach the mechanism on the Rex's head. This set may be missing all the little accessories, but it works with just about any toy truck and all the other Imaginex figures!

His eyes light up and change from a 'controlled' green to a 'rage' red; his mouth also lights up when he bends over to bite an escaping car! This Rex also makes growling/roaring dino noises.

Great for hours of entertainment for a wide range of ages.


At over $110 New on Amazon, this toy is a steal at $60 - even without the little accessories.


The tower and Dino are Like New, but it is missing the small accessories.


*Due to the size, this toy is not available for shipping*

Imaginex Jurassic T-Rex

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