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Become a Consignor

Do you already know you want to sign up to be a consignor with us?


This page has the links to the forms you'll need. Signing up is easy! Read through our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  below for a basic overview of how it all works. Then carefully read through our Agreement, sign and submit - BAM!

Done! Questions? Email us or start a chat. 

WELCOME!! Thank you for your interest in consigning with MAJoR Chaos, LLC. This sheet should answer most of your questions and explain how we do things. If you would like to sign up to consign, please request an Agreement.  You will notice the Agreement is very similar, however it has more details and more legal jargon; so, we encourage you to carefully read through both.

If you have any questions, please let us know with an email:  You can also find more information under the Consignment tab above.


  • DROP OFF: Once an Agreement is signed, you are welcome to contact us to set up a time to drop off your items for consignment.

    • Please have items clean prior to drop off. If items are not clean there may be a cleaning charge of $10 per bag or box of merchandise deducted from your consignment earnings. Please note, if items smell of smoke or strong pet odors the cleaning fee will be automatically added.

    • We encourage you to price your own items. Generally, consignment prices range from 50%-90% of the original item’s price, depending on the condition. We know pricing and going through items can be very overwhelming, so we will gladly do it for you, if desired.

    • If you wish to price the items (see more below), please have the prices on an itemized list or taped to the item. We recommend painters tape for easy and residue-free removal – especially for books – please do not use packing tape. If there are any questions about prices you will be contacted prior to posting the items for consignment.

  • ITEMS ACCEPTED:  We accept most items from Maternity through Teen.  It helps to think of the items YOU would want to purchase.  All clothing with stains and holes, but still in decent wearable condition will automatically be placed in our Rough & Tumble line and priced accordingly.

    • ROUGH & TUMBLE (R&T): Our Rough & Tumble line is made of well-worn clothes for very low prices. Sometimes we just need some clothes we don’t care about! Camping or crafting anyone? These items WILL have stains, and/or holes and will be advertised and priced as such. Rough & Tumble items are priced $0.25 and up and automatically entered into our Chaos Day Sales (see below).


      • Toys – must be in working conditions. Electric toys must have working batteries when submitted.

      • Stuffed toys – MUST be in Like New, minimal use condition with NO stains or odors.

      • Books – Books MUST be in good condition.

      • Clothes – Maternity through teen *

      • Shoes*

      • Misc. items – just ask.

      • Baby accessories: Feeding, nursing, bathing, playing, bedding, potty training, baby holding, etc.

      • Accessories: hair accessories, socks, undergarments, hats, gloves, belts, backpacks etc.

      • Kids/teen décor

      • Sports equipment – MUST be in usable and SAFE condition.

      • Costumes & Dress-Up

  • NOT ACCEPTED:  Obviously, as a Kids Consignment, any items with crass or inappropriate images or uses will not be accepted. Also, any clothing deemed too worn for our Rough & Tumble line or items with broken parts will not be accepted. Please do not provide us with anything if you have any reason to believe it could be unsafe. We reserve the right to refuse to consign items at our discretion.

    • a.   Cribs      b.  Car seats, including boosters.   c.  Sports Equipment with obviously unsafe damage

  • CHAOS DAY SALES:  Each bi-annual kid sale and select pop-up sales will have a “Chaos Day” where R&T and select items will be 50% off. Consignors can choose which items to enter in addition to the R&T as they wish.

  • SOLD ITEMS: Once an item sells your account will be credited with 75% of the final sale price. Unless otherwise arranged, accounts will be paid in cash or check by the end of the following month.

  • NO REFUND POLICY: All sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges.

    • As a consignor, this will ensure that you always receive payment for your sold items.

    • As a purchaser and a consignor, you can ‘return’ an item with the original tags. The item will be re-entered as consignment under your consignor’s ID at the purchased amount and consigned per the Agreement.

  • AUTOMATIC ENTRY INTO KID SALES: All inventory is automatically entered into the Bi-Annual Conrad Kids Sales as applicable, along with any other ‘pop-up’ sales hosted by MAJoR Chaos. All items in the sales will be sold at full price unless entered in the Chaos Day Sales.

  • NO CONTACT CLAUSE:  MAJoR Chaos will do their due diligence to stay in contact as needed.

    • All payouts will continue to accrue regardless of consignor contact for up to 9 months.  

    • No contact after 1 year will result in the consignor’s account being frozen and consigned items becoming the property of MAJoR Chaos, LLC.  

  • LIABILITY: MAJoR Chaos, LLC does not make any warranties or representations about the safety or suitability of items consigned. Please only consign items you genuinely believe to be safe.

We hope you will request an Agreement to move forward with consigning with MAJoR Chaos, LLC.

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