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1920s Barware

It is Garage Sale Season in Montana. I love Garage Sales and Estate Sales and Rummage Sales and Flea Markets ....well, you get the idea...

A couple of weekends ago, I saw a sign for a sale on the way to my mom's house. On a whim, I veered off course and took a drive up a long winding road, way out in the country, past old ranches and far too many huge new builds that have begun to spring up everywhere here in the Bitterroot Valley.

After about 5 miles, just as I was beginning to give up, I saw another sign that assured me I was still on the right track (apparently I was not the first person to get discouraged!). Passing three more signs reassuring me I was still headed to this country sale, I did finally get there. It was hot and dusty and things did not look too very promising. But I had driven all that way, so I got out and did a bit of rummaging. I found a few things in the old garage/shop, and then turned my attention to the tables that were set up.

I found this adorable little not-so-scary clown

sugar holder from the 40s, and a pair of milk

glass salt or spice shakers.

Then I found a couple of really pretty glasses that looked to be from the early part of the 20th Century. They fit so nicely in my hands. I figured I could possibly sell them on eBay, if I decided not to keep them. I took my treasures up to pay the lady, and she asked, "Did you not want the rest of the glasses that match these?"....Wait, what? I had only seen these two..."Oh, no", she said, "You have to rummage through the boxes. I did not have room to set everything out". And so, back I went to rummage through the boxes! I found 4 more beautiful, unmarred glasses and a darling little ice bucket in the same pattern! She pointed out that there were little berry bowls and a larger salad bowl in the same pattern as well, however, unlike the glasses, they were just not to my taste.

When I got home and did some investigating, I found that my lovely treasures were a pattern called "Rib Over Drape" and made in the 1920s by DC Jenkins Glass Company. While searching on eBay, I found that there was also a lovely pitcher that went to the set. Needless to say, as I fully intend to keep this beautiful glass set for myself, I found and made a deal for a pitcher. I just got it in the mail this past week! I am so very happy with my lovely old barware!

I am a huge fan of clear cut glass for the early 1900s. I have quite a bit of it in my china cabinet that at one time belonged to my grandma. Over the years, I have picked up pieces that really called out to me at flea markets and garage sales. But, I have found that clear cut glass just does not re-sell very well. Consequently, I do not purchase old glass unless I fully intend to keep it for myself. And that is why I did not buy the Rib Over Drape Salad Bowl and Berry Bowls. But there are plenty to be found on eBay...Just not for the bargain price I got mine for...$5 for the 6 glasses and the beautiful, beautiful ice bucket!

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