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MAJoR Chaos, LLC does consignment different.

We know you paid good money for your kids' things, and you want more back. That's why we offer a 75% consigner profit! 

Why Consign With Us?

We are 100% locally owned and operated, and will remain that way! Our goal is to help provide affordable clothing, shoes, toys, books and MORE for all ages - Maternity and Baby through Teen.

We started consigning kids clothes because we saw a need for affordable kid 'stuff' in our town, and we wanted to make that happen. 

Local pick up is always available and delivery is often a possibility; both are encouraged for the Conrad areas - so (possibly) NO shipping (BONUS!).

Not sold? Here are some more Perks to consigning with MAJoR Chaos:

  • 75% Consigner profit! If this doesn't sell you, nothing will. The industry standard for consignment split is a maximum of 60%. Consignment store fronts have a large overhead they have to cover (rent, equipment, software, staff etc.) we do not have those expenses, which is why we can offer such a high percentage to our consignors.  We also know you paid good money for your stuff, and we want to help get you more money back. 

  • Name Your Price   Another way to help keep our Consignor percentage high is by asking you to help us out. You know how much you paid for your clothes, so help us price them! We just ask that you keep the prices affordable, but also reasonable. Generally, consigned items are 50% to 90% off the original price depending on wear and brand. 

  • Rough & Tumble Line we all have those clothes that still have some life left but also show they've lived a life - small holes from epic bike crashes, or stains from summer ice-cream. We also all need those clothes sometimes! Our Rough & Tumble line sells clothes for just these occasions! These clothes range from $0.25 on up depending on how many adventures the clothes have seen. 

  • Automatic Entry in Our Community Sales Every Spring and Fall MAJoR Chaos organizes a Conrad Kids Sale; all our inventory is automatically enrolled in these 2 Big Sales. This boosts our sales significantly, helps turn over our inventory, and finds new consignors. This sale lasts an entire weekend! We also host random 'pop-up' sales throughout the year. For example, we may have a Winter Item sales, or a Swim Sale, etc. These sales depend solely on inventory and community need.

Do we have you thinking? Want to know more details? Take a look at our Consigner FAQ. ​


Are you Sold? Click here to read (and hopefully sign & submit) our Consigner Agreement*.




* Our Agreement can be signed and submitted electronically or on paper - which we are happy to print for you.

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