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A Green Monster

My daughter teaches Kindergarten in a Spanish Second Language Immersive School. She asked that I make her a monster for the littles to play with when they read this book about a very emotional Monster.

I had run across some vintage chenille fabric fat quarters at an estate sale and thought they would be just the thing for this particular project.

I cut the pattern out just by using my imagination. This guy's body is about 6" wide x 7" long (plus ears/horns). I cut eyes from felt and hand sewed them on and then embroidered a loop-stitch mono-brow to emulate the picture she sent me.

The mouth was a little more difficult. I cut the front longer than the back, put the "teeth" where I wanted them and then folded some fabric over, sewing a seam all the way across. I made the legs and arms and filled them all with just enough rice that they would still bend easily, and sewed across so the rice would stay put.

Then I pinned the arms and legs to the front of his body and pinned the back (right sides facing each other) to the front and sewed everything together, leaving about a 3" between the legs where I could turn him out. It was a bit tricky and tight, but do-able. I finger pressed all along the seams of his body and then, through the hole between his legs, I used a funnel and slowly poured rice into his body. I wanted him to have enough form to be posed, but not so much that the kids did not find him "squishy".

I thought he came out pretty cute! Mishel loved him--and that's what counts!

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