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A Strawberry Scarf

My granddaughter, Elly, loves strawberries! She collects vintage strawberry porcelain pieces, Strawberry Shortcake themed things, strawberry fabric....essentially all things strawberry.

A few months ago, on eBay, I found a dozen of these lovely little velvet strawberries, about 2" long and 1.5" wide, with little beads sewn on them and topped with green felt "leaves" and "stems". I spent some time trying to come up with something I could make her using them.

At an estate sale, I had purchased a bunch of wonderful wool yarns and one of the skeins was nearly the same color as the berries. So I knitted this snuggly scarf, long enough to wrap around her neck a couple of times. I added a yarn fringe at the ends and sewed on the velvet strawberries.

I was unsure whether she would like it -- who knows what a 19-year-old will like to wear?

But she loved it! Whew!

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