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Blue Bunny Sampler

If you keep up with my blogs, you may have seen my post on the fun monsters I have made for my grandchildren and great-nieces and nephews.

I made a blue fuzzy "bunny" monster for Tiffany's first little one. eM loved it so much that, when her puppy decided to chew on it, she brought it to me to clean and repair! She loved it so much, she actually wrote her very first essay about her Blue Bunny!

I found an unfinished quilt block at an estate sale. As eM's birthday is in February, I thought it would be perfect for making a pillow for her with an embroidered sampler of her essay on one side and the bunny quilt block on the other.

Somewhere, I had read about a way to trace and transfer patterns onto cross stitch fabric. I found this kit on Amazon. Frankly, I was fairly unimpressed with it. It has a pretty high learning curve to using it successfully, but finally I was able to get a legible result that I could embroider over.

I found some cute fabric that matched the quilt block to some degree, and edged it to match the size of the sampler on the back. Then I added a ruffle all around the pillow case edge. Pretty darn cute, if I say so myself!

Oh! And Happy 10th!!! Birthday to our dear Miss eM!!

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Tiffany Begley
Tiffany Begley
24 feb

<3 she told me last night as she cuddles blue bunny that he is 8 years old now!

Me gusta
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