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Easy Potato Patties

When I was a little girl, this was one of my most favorite things Mama mad us for breakfast. We called them potato patties, and we only got them if there were left-over mashed potatoes. Needless to say, as I grew up and helped more in the

kitchen, I was very willing to peel way more potatoes than we could eat at one sitting (That's a Lot of Potatoes!).

To make 4 potato patties, mix 2 cups of mashed potatoes with 1 beaten egg, in a bowl. In a frying pan, melt about 1/3 a cube of butter and break into it 2 slices of stale bread. When the bread pieces begin to toast, drop spoonfuls of mashed potato mixture over them, dividing evenly. With 2 forks, move all the toasting bread around the patties, onto the top of the patty. After a few minutes, move the patties around so that the outside edges are in the center of the pan, allowing all the patty to brown evenly on one side. The most challenging part of this entire process is knowing when the side you cannot see, is brown and toasty. Carefully flip the patty over, remembering that it all goes into your tummy, no matter what a mess you just made! (LOL!) It does get easier with practice. When the bottom is as toasted as the top, slide from the pan onto your plate. Add a couple of fried eggs to your plate. Top the patties with ketchup, if you like. Enjoy!

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