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Embroidered Pillowcases

I like to watch for unfinished pillowcases at garage know? Those old-time white pillowcases that are not finished around the hem and that have a pattern stamped along the edge...I really think they are underrated. Granted, they do take a long time to embroidered...hours and hours of handwork are required. But, if you add coordinating, old-fashioned fabric, old lace, and some matching

narrow ribbon, you can really create a beautiful heirloom! Add a couple of down pillows, and you have a lovely wedding present. Look at these lovelies I made a couple of years ago!

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1 Comment

Tiffany Begley
Tiffany Begley
Jan 25

Wow! That's Beautiful! I remember my Grandma 'Neir gifting me little embroidery samplers with cute stamped images like that; but mine definitely never turned out like those!

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