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Fair Warning--

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

My name is Terri. As with so many of us in this world, I have many titles...Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife, Auntie, TT...etc. This is what you should know about me before you commit to reading any further...

--I was raised very religiously. I am no longer anything near religious...

--I live in Montana. I was born in California. I have lived in 7 states and 3 countries. I speak 2 languages and am very multi-cultural.

--I have studied some college, but never graduated. However, all my siblings are over- educated and I figure some of that had to have rubbed off on me!

--I am a Republican. But way more liberal than most. And I believe in independent thought-- isn't that why we have a brain?

--I say what I think when I am asked. Otherwise, I bite my tongue or leave the room...I spend a lot of time alone or quiet!

So when my niece asked if I wanted to do a blog, I jumped at the chance to have my very own say-what-I-want space and not worry that I was offending again...FAIR WARNING!! If you offend easily, or want to tell this objectionable and overly-opinionated woman how mistaken she is...oh well...this is my site...and I was promised that people cannot respond to the things that will be written here...oh...because...

--I appear to be tough and really have it all together, but (according to my brother), I have a "guilt button" a mile wide...

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