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Garage Sales

If you have not yet gathered this, I LOVE GARAGE AND ESTATE SALES!!!

Sadly, garage sale season is nearly over. Let me share with you a couple of Great Finds I picked up this year...

Being retired, and living in the country in Montana, I am not much for fancy purses. I do like nice purses, but I am cheap and, because I am also practical, I like good quality purses with lots of pockets. But, because I lived in California for 14 years, I also have a bit of fashion sense (I am a very complex woman!) I buy Tignanello brand purses, usually on e-bay.

One weekend this summer, I found a table of purses for sale. Most were of no interest to me. But one did stand was big and red and looked to be of nice quality. I picked it up and asked how much the lady wanted for it. "Oh..for the Louis Vuitton?", she asked. I looked, and sure enough..there it was, bright as day!

The odds were 50/50 it was a knock-off, so I talked her down from $15 to $10.

I looked it up when I got home, and, to the very best of my investigating, it looks to me like it is, indeed, the real thing.

My Stepdaughter was thrilled to get it in the mail!

The other Great Buy that I came across at a really rather junky sale, was, among other things, this glass ashtray. After watching a lot of UTube videos from The Crazy Lamp Lady, this just screamed quality to me. I picked it up for $3 without bartering. When I got home, I used the Google Lens Search on my camera (see my previous post about that), and this is what came up...

Not bad for a "hunch"!

Did I say how much I love Garage Sales?

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1 Comment

Tiffany Begley
Tiffany Begley
Oct 09, 2023

😱 you really do find the most incredible deals!

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