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Garlic Scapes!

Have you ever used garlic scapes? The are the curly green top that new garlic plants put out every spring. Not as strong as mature garlic, they lend a subtle flavor to dishes without the pungent punch garlic tends to give. This time of year you can usually find them in most Farmers' Markets here in the north. Usually, my brother brings me a paper bag full from his

garden in Twin Falls. However, his crop did not do very well this year, so I picked up a few bunches this weekend at the market. The scape should be tender where it has been cut. If not, discard anything that seems woody or stringy. Cut bits off until you get to the seed pod. Since this is still full of flavor, I discard the pointy top (which can also be stringy and woody) and save the little heads for soup, etc...I just take it out after it has infused the broth with the yummy garlic flavor.

I save the garlic heads in a jar in the freezer, removing two or three as needed. I put 1/2 cup of the chopped garlic into snack-sized bags and then all of those in a larger ziplock bag, dating it on the outside and stick it in the freezer for later.

My recipe for Garlic Rice is coming soon!

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