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Greenman Vases

As I have mentioned in the past, I like to dabble in painting ceramics. By no means do I consider myself even remotely talented as a painter. But once in awhile, it is fun to play around with it.

Our local ceramics shop keeps a variety of greenware on hand for purchasing and painting on site or at home. The owner, Steffani, has years of experience both painting and teaching, and is generous with her help and advise. I bought these guys on a whim and because they appealed to my love of the world of fantasy.

But once I brought them home, the task of getting them to look the way I wanted was overwhelming to me Steffani had given me pointers and started me on the process, but once I had them painted black and then dry painted the backs, I had a hard time getting myself to start on the green leaves.

I did find several UTube videos on Pinterest where ladies walked the viewers through their process of dry painting. And I found that, once I sat down and got started, the process was not so daunting--it really is an individual process, unique to each person and each piece. After several layers of different colors of paint, I am so very pleased with how these guys came out!

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22 мая

I LOVE these guys son much!!!

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