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I love Me a Cuppa...

It is a sad, but true fact that ever since I hit 50, I have slowly and systematically been forced to give up all my favorite things...let me just list the Big Ones for you:

-- Partying (aka Drinking More Than I Should With Friends)

-- Backpacking and Hiking in the Mountains

-- Sex

-- Camping in Tents, then in Trailers, then in get the idea...

-- Snowboarding and Cross Country Skiing

-- Outdoor Concerts

-- Long Drives into the Back Country on Dirt Roads

-- Travel that Requires Flying

-- Overnight Road Trips

-- Week-long Company Visits

-- Big Get-togethers and Dinners at Our House


Those are the Big Things....there are a myriad of smaller things, I assure you.

So...a few years back, when my doctor informed me I had high blood pressure and was going to have to be on medication to control it, most likely for the remainder of my life, I was distraught. I remember coming home and telling Larry that if she even hinted that I would have to give up caffeine (MY ONE LAST FAVORITE THING!), I would look for a different doctor - period. But the dear woman never even hinted that I should consider such a travesty. The blood pressure medication did it's Thing. And I still get my lovely coffee --at least two big cups every morning, with lots of Hazelnut Creamer!

There is just nothing that sends a wave of happiness into my very being like walking into a coffee shop and getting a hit of that smell like no other.

The only thing better is a good Margarita Bar...sigh...

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