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Itty, Bitty Shoes

Last weekend, I was visiting my niece and snapped this photo of my little great-niece's flowery sneakers...

There is something so endearing about little shoes... I have photographed, saved, scrapbooked and journaled about the little shoes of all of my grandchildren. I have pictures of their rainboots, their sandals, their snow boots, and their very first soft baby shoes. I boxed up and saved my granddaughter's little black suede boots she wore while she learned to walk in Greece! I have made complete layouts in their scrapbooks talking about how sweet their little shoes and feet are...

In reality, it goes beyond that...I haven't scrapped it yet, but I have a set of photos of my three grandchildren's shoes piled by the door, that I took the last time they all 3 came to visit for a weekend last month. (They are 21, 19, and 16 years old, now.) I have a couple of photos of my granddaughter's white Nikes that she purposely bought because they are just like her grandpa's. LOL...Larry's size 12 Nikes are huge next to her size 6 Nikes...Those photos are just priceless!

Our Little People grow up so fast. We are all so very busy with day to day life, that time passes by without us realizing all the small things that we may never see again. I think that is a big reason why I take snapshots of little shoes.

Oh...also, probably because I am myself, a real shoe person!

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Yes, you are!

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