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Kitchen Workhorses

In this age of modern technology and easy access to premade food, I have seen how people aquire all sorts of small appliances they never use. A lot of these pretty little utilatarian items are merely decorations in their kitchens, until they accumulate enough dust and grease that they decide to get rid of them at a garage sale or in a goodwill box. But please don't get me wrong! I love a nifty gadgets as much or more than anybody! I just hate seeing great things not being used, when there are so many people who would love to have excess money to spend on a nifty gadget or two.

What I am suggesting is that people spend more time in their kitchens discovering how useful these appliances are and how they help make homemade meals so easy to put together.

Of course, we all have our toasters and coffeemakers and mixers. If, this holiday season, you have a mind to upgrade your kitchen to make it more user friendly, here are four items I find will make it well worth your money to consider. They have come in so very handy for me!

My KitchenAide Heavy-Duty Mixer. I upgraded to this tough, stainless steel mixer about 6 years ago and have never regretted the purchase. Yes, it was very costly (to me, at least), but so so worth it! The wonderful thing about KitchenAide mixers is that you can find all sorts of replacement parts and attachments for them. I actually have bought 2 replacement whisks off Ebay, as I apparently tend to be hard on them. (I like the whisks for almost everything, as opposed to the beater. The mixers usually come with 3 interchangable mixing blades.)

My old white mixer lasted 20 years before I invested in this one. It is still, I believe, in my brother's kitchen, in Portland!

My Cuisinart Grill. We live in Montana. Ourtdoor grilling just isn't possible when it is below freezing least 5 months out of the year! I use this right on the stovetop for steaks and hamburgers. Super nifty!

My KitchenAide Mini Food Processor. This, I just aquired from my girlfriend, Cory, who was cleaning out her pantry and had it in her Goodwill Box. (I have trained her to call me and let me look through her give-away boxes. She has excellent taste, a good budget, and I always come away with awesome treasures for me or Someone I Love! THANK-YOU, Cory!!)

I have a big, wonderful Workhorse of a Cuisinart food processor I use hard for salsa and grinding. But this guy is small enough to fit in a cabinet and pull out to grind nuts or chop onion. It has two work bowls that are super easy to clean. I just love it and have no idea how I ever got along without it!

My NutriBullet. I got my first one years ago, when my daughter insisted I try green smoothies, and was hooked.

This is my second and upgraded one. I have a good KitchenAide blender in my pantry. But this little guy does just about everything the blender does, takes up less room, and I still can use it for smoothies. (I just pureed a dozen persimmons into delicious smoothness, for cookies!)

So there you have it. Some great ideas for gifts for yourself or an aspiring cook in your life. I have no doubt one or all of these will come in very handy in a cooking kitchen!

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1 Comment

Tiffany Begley
Tiffany Begley
Dec 22, 2023

This is a great list! Thanks to some giving family and spouse I have almost all of these! My only possible addition would be a crockpot/instant pot for those who have to work or chase kids 😅😁

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