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My Mosaic Piggy

I am not tremendously artistic. I am more "crafty". A couple of years ago, a girlfriend introduced me to painting ceramics. It is completely out of my comfort zone, so I try to play around with it a few times every year. This was my big project last year. I thought this piggy bank was just lovely. Stephanie, at the ceramic shop is really wonderful at directing me....

I painted the cast piggy with two coats of the beige. Then, I dry-brushed all the "lace" with white to give it an antique look. And after that, I took about 10 days to paint each little pane of mosaic a different jewel tone. Then, I painted a glaze over everything, twice.

He is so pretty...I have no idea what to do with him now...And that is the #1 problem with making ceramics...My advice to you: If you are going to spend that kind of time and money on a hobby, you should probably know what you are going to do with what you make!

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Tiffany Begley
Tiffany Begley
31 janv.

😱he is just beautiful!!

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