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Old Books

I love all books, but especially old ones--the smell of them, the way the paper and the cloth or leather bindings feel in my hands, the way reading them has consistently taken me to a place far away. When I pick up an old book, I think of all the other people who have held it and read it, and how the world was at that point in time.

Because we live in a relatively small house, I am limited to how many books I can collect. I have gotten rid of as many books as I still have. And I regret every book I have had to give away! But a person only has so many shelves! Some time ago, I decided that, aside from some old books that I have had for decades (like all my Pearl Buck hardbacks from the 1950s and published by the John Day Company) I would collect only miniature books. Most of them are from the very early 1900s. I have stacks of them everywhere, but I try to arrange them in an appealing and decorative point in them not also being aesthetically appealing!

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