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On Feet...

Growing up in Central America, my daddy's biggest pet peeve (that I remember) was how rough the feet of the Indigenous women were. Usually, the men had sandals, if not shoes. But, especially in the villages, the women and children went everywhere with bare feet. After years of wear and tear, their feet soles were calloused and split, black with dirt and grime.

So, naturally, once I was a grown woman, I learned to give myself pedicures. Ever since I was in my 20s, I have worked at keeping my feet soft and my nails polished. In my 40s, my gynecologist told me that he could always tell by looking at a woman's feet how much she took care of the rest of her self.

Think of your feet as you would think of the roots of a tree. If its roots are mistreated or damaged, the health of the entire tree will suffer...

Be good to your feet and they will take you wherever you want to go...

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