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On Nurses

This post came up on my Facebook feed at a most appropriate time. My husband, Larry, had been in the hospital for nearly a week. This was by no means the first time (or even tenth time, for that matter!) that he had been in the hospital for a post-surgical stay, or post-pneumonia stay, etc...and so it made me want to give a shout out to all our nurses. Between Larry and I, we have five nurses in our immediate family. They are amazing people.

In my personal opinion, nurses just do not get the credit they deserve -- in so very many ways. They have this amazing vault of untapped knowledge; they oftentimes put the needs of your sick family member in front of their sick family member; during their shifts at the hospital or clinic, they seldom eat a meal at a single sitting; they are compelled to maintain what they have learned over their years of working, and to add new knowledge and new skills -- Every. Single. Year. And we expect them to do all this and more, and still be there with a smile on their face when we push a little red button.

While Larry was in the hospital, one nurse asked me if I would like a cup of coffee, every morning that he was on shift. Another helped Larry with a shower twice - which meant he had to protect 9 different incisions with waterproof covers and remove 5 different IV hook-ups and monitors. A nurse brought him pain meds when he asked for them. A nurse checked in before leaving at the end of their shift. A brilliant and amazingly efficient team of nurses stabilized him when we came into the ER at 6am. A nurse pushed him to the curb upon checkout. These people, probably "just doing their job" to themselves, were Heroes to us!

And we are so very, very appreciative of everything they, and any other nurse we have encountered over the past 22 years, have done for us!

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