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Scrapbooking is not just for Photos!

My daughter, Mishel, teaches Kinder-garten-aged children at a Bilingual school here in Montana (yes, Montana!) I saw what she has been using for Calendar Titles in her classroom and offered to make her some new ones. (I admittedly love any excuse to "scrapbook" something!)

I sorted through my paper stash and found printed paper and stickers that seemed appropriate for the months of the school year. After making them and decorating them, I matted each strip with cardstock, to give them some sturdiness.

I cut out the letters with a stencil I like to use, called a Coluzzel. But you could also

use a Cricut....I was just too lazy to get mine out and set it up. I matted around each letter on the names of the months, but the days of the week I left alone. I also matted around each sticker, to give it more definition.

Mishel glued magnetic strips on to the

back of each title, so they will go on her calendar board.

We are both very pleased with how

these came out!

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