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Shaped Mini Albums

Wintertime is my favorite time to work on scrapbooking projects. Both my mother and my daughter are very fond of mini- albums that remind them of special days and times and people we love. They have baskets of these albums I have put together, laying all over their homes.

I found this sweet, shaped album on ebay last autumn. The single cardboard album was themed with outdoor activities, so I am in the process of making mementos of our camping and fishing trips we took when my college-aged grandchildren were very small.

This particular album was a mishmash of one trailer, one fishing hat, one backpack, one leaf, and one compass. So I traced each shape onto heavy cardstock, making the original printed page into many, and in so doing, turning one five-page album into five, ten-page albums! I punched holes to correspond with the initial holes and now I will decorate each page with printed paper and add pictures of our wonderful camping and hiking and fishing trips.

A wonderful way to remember fondly our happy times in the great outdoors!

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