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Some Things Take Time...

I grew up in a family of very little means...we were not poor, mind you, just tight. So entertainment was not something you wasted money on. In the summer, when you were not working, you played outside. In the winter, we read, did puzzles, played board games and did a lot of coloring. When I was about 10, I got a beautiful animal-themed color-by-number book and an extra-large box of crayons, which I guarded very carefully from my other four siblings. The summer I was 14 and so very bored, Mama introduced me to embroidery and bought me a printed pillow top, decorated with birds and flowers and that said "Sweet Dreams" in fancy lettering. Grandma expanded my repertoire of stitches and took me to Woolworth's to buy a handful of colored thread. And I was off...

I like to keep my hands busy in the evenings while we are watching a movie. If you have ever done cross stitch or embroidery, you know that it takes hours to complete just a few inches of work. Usually, I persist and finish projects within a reasonable amount of time. I do admit that there are two projects in my basket that I (for whatever reason) gave up on and left sitting there...for someday??

This winter, while cleaning out my stash of needlework projects (most of them garage sale finds) I came upon a small tablecloth and decided to have a go at it.

Just to give you an idea of the time you need to invest on a project like mushroom took me two evenings to finish--about two hours of handwork. The project came with floss, and I used that up, only to realize later that I could not

find a color match! So there ended up being subtle differences, in the blues especially. But, this morning, I finished the final stitches...and here it is!

A little tablecloth that I hope one of my grandchildren will treasure.

Good things take this case, about nine months!

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Jul 02, 2023

Beautiful!! I love the mushroom table cloth and know of two people who would love to have it 😘


Jun 22, 2023

If they don't, I will! Beautiful as ever!

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