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Springerele Cookie Molds

A few weeks ago, I saw an add on Facebook for what was purported to be a very large estate sale, to be held the following weekend in Phillipsburg, a small town about 120 miles from us. Because Phillipsburg is a very old mining town, I kind of had a feeling this particular sale would hold some Great Old Treasures --may favorite kind! My dear husband was game to take a summertime road trip, just so I could go rummage through a bunch of old dusty stuff. And so it was that I soon enough found myself, along with about 20 other treasure seekers, elbows deep in somebody else's trappings from another life and time. It was wonderful!

At one point, in the third room I was sorting through, I found myself going through what appeared to be a mix of Christmas ornaments and craft miscellany. I came upon a cute little (what appeared to be) carved wooden ornament with a milk maid and the number 8 in the corner. Then I found another almost the same, but with swans and a 7 in the corner. I realized that these must represent some of the 12 Days of Christmas! I found a couple more and told myself I would consider getting them only if I could find all 12 days. Then I found a hedgehog- -wait---what the hell?? a hedgehog?? Well, my Elly loves hedgehogs, maybe I would just grab that for her...Continuing to rummage, I found what looked like possibly another one that was wrapped in bubble wrap. It finally occurred to me to use my nifty google camera search to see if it told me what I was looking at.

And here is a complete Aside. ..My lovely niece Tiffany told me about this and it has become my most favorite thing on my phone to play with...

Here on your Google Search Bar, on the right, is what is supposed to look like a camera lens. When you press on it you get a Google Lens and an option to Search with your camera. When you press on that, it asks if you want to allow camera access. open the camera and take a picture of something you want information about. I have never bothered to download the app, so i choose "only this time". I take a picture and the search leads me to other like things sold on eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, etc...! Such a Cool Tool! I use this so very often when determining the value, worth or brand of what I am looking at.

Anyway...back to my story...

I used my Google Camera to find out that what I was finding at the estate sale were House on the Hill Springerele Cookie Molds! At this point, I became determined to see if I could find all 12 Days of Christmas cookie molds. And I well as the cute little hedgehog mold and a snowflake mold that I gave to my sister.

When I got home, I did some investigating. First, I found that these molds are not wooden, but made of a polished resin (to help the cookie dough imprint more easily). Also that they are made in Rosebud, MO and that they are only sold in retail stores--or eBay, if you are fortunate enough to find them there. But on eBay, they sell for $25 -$50 EACH!!! I paid $1 apiece for these I found at the REALLY GREAT Estate Sale!

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