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Stuffed Friends

When my grandchildren were small, I bought a book at JoAnn's called "Make a Monster". No sooner had the kids found the book, then they began putting post-it notes on the pages of the monsters they wanted me to make! I had never made a stuffed animal before, but the directions were pretty straightforward, and came with lots of pictures. I photocopied the patterns, making them quite a bit bigger than they were in the book. I made them with fleece, which is very forgiving if you don't get the seams just right. The eyes are glued or sewn felt or buttons, depending on my mood. and I used what fabric scraps I had that seemed to match the personality of the "monster" or the child. My granddaughter fell in love with the "bunny" was very loved over the years. In fact, she loved it so much that, on her 17th Christmas, she asked me to make her another one, and put the raggedy one away for safekeeping.

Over the years, I have made variations on each monster, each one passed to an adoring child/owner. I have washed , mended and re-stuffed a few. When Elly asked me to make her a new one, not wanting to leave him out, I asked her little brother (at the time he was 14) if he wanted an new monster. But he replied, "Toby would be so sad if he was replaced!"...

Like I say, they are well-loved!

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1 Comment

Tiffany Begley
Tiffany Begley
Dec 10, 2023

So Stinking cute! And much more unique than a teddy bear.

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