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The Joy of Staying "In"

Winter is nearly over and Spring is right around the corner. I know people who really cannot wait for sunny, warm days. But I want to expound on the joys of being home, in front of a nice cheery fire, with a book or a puzzle, some needle work or a craft for entertainment. The snow can snow, the wind can blow, the rain can pour down on the roof. But you are comfy and warm in your home, with the person or persons you love most safe inside with you. These are the days when it is great to put on a pot of soup or beans and make a loaf of bread or a pan of cornbread. With great smells emanating from the kitchen you cannot help but feel that all is well with the world.

When I was still working, on cold winter days, I was loathe to get up at 6am, and be at the office when so many more fortunate people were still snug in their beds. A gray and rainy day just made me want to be home and make bread...

Summer days are long and warm. In Montana, a person wants to spend as many hours outside as absolutely possible. We garden, camp and hike, have outdoor parties, and let the sun shine on us as much as possible. We know our time in the fresh air is limited. That the days will slowly shorten, the afternoons will become golden with the changing of leaves. That the mornings will become crisp to walk out into. And that soon enough the days will become dark and short, and the snow will lay in banks against the foundation of the house and garage. And again, we will be able to hunker down in our warm and cozy home, with little more to do than stay warm, sip a cup of coffee and read a book....

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