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The Owl

I went to visit my niece and my sister, Toni, in Conrad last week.

Toni was complaining that her pretty blue Subaru was getting pooped on by birds...and not just little pigeon poop...great big globs of bird poop. She was bound and determined to find out the culprit, and was fairly certain it was the owl she kept hearing hoot at night.

The last evening I was there, we had a picnic in their side yard. Toni suddenly got excited and pointed out to me (just in time to see his huge wingspread) that an owl had flown from the tree in their yard, to a neighbor's house across the street, and landed on a pole. He stayed there the remainder of our time outside, so we were able to get a good look at him, and lots of photos.

In all my years, although I have heard them many evenings, I had never seen an owl in the was very cool!

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01 окт. 2023 г.

There seems to be a pair hanging around now, Kenny saw them the other night but it's cool listening to them call to reach other. I need to Google to see if they mate for life.

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