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These little bites of goodness have become one of my grandchildren's favorite appetizers. And they are so very easy to make! I like to use the round tortilla chips, as they fit perfectly into your mouth. Using a spoon, I dish on just a bit of beans (either refried out of the can, or leftover black beans. Then I add a thin slice of cheese and top it with a strip of pickled jalapeno or spicy carrot. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees, cool a bit and enjoy! A fast and easy Bocadito!

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This is a map of Chiapas, Mexico. San Cristobal de las Casas was the nearest town to the Mission Compound where we lived from 1968-1973. This vintage photo is very reminiscent of what the local life looked like back then.

Our compound was a bit more "modern"--we had an electric generator that ran for 3 hours in the mornings and 3 hours after dark....unless it broke down or the compound ran out of propane or gasoline during rainy season (May through October). So we learned to live without many of the things we take for granted in the United States.

We had very little entertainment. VERY LITTLE....

I read books--lots of books. We went to church--lots of church. And I had my butterfly collection...

In the bedroom that I shared with my little sister, we had a set of bunk beds, two dressers, a closet, and a bookcase that we shared. I had a growing stack of flat boxes that held my butterfly collection, in all its wonder and glory...I had these boxes stacked on the highest shelf of the bookcase, to keep them from being knocked off or from small people getting into them...

One day, I heard some unusual noises coming from our bedroom. Imagine my utter and total dismay, when, upon opening the door, I cam upon my sisters STUPID CAT!!! up on the top shelf of our bookcase knocking down my boxes of perfectly dried, pressed, and preserved butterflies, and EATING THEM!! I was so immediately horrified and livid, I grabbed that STUPID CAT!!! and threw it will all my might--out the bedroom window. Fortunately for the cat, the window was open (I honestly had not even looked or cared!)

And so ended my career as a Butterfly Collector....and my long-time dislike of cats.

It wasn't until the next year, during a vacation on the Yucatan Peninsula, that I started collecting something new... Sea Shells! But that is another story...

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As I have mentioned in the past, I like to dabble in painting ceramics. By no means do I consider myself even remotely talented as a painter. But once in awhile, it is fun to play around with it.

Our local ceramics shop keeps a variety of greenware on hand for purchasing and painting on site or at home. The owner, Steffani, has years of experience both painting and teaching, and is generous with her help and advise. I bought these guys on a whim and because they appealed to my love of the world of fantasy.

But once I brought them home, the task of getting them to look the way I wanted was overwhelming to me Steffani had given me pointers and started me on the process, but once I had them painted black and then dry painted the backs, I had a hard time getting myself to start on the green leaves.

I did find several UTube videos on Pinterest where ladies walked the viewers through their process of dry painting. And I found that, once I sat down and got started, the process was not so daunting--it really is an individual process, unique to each person and each piece. After several layers of different colors of paint, I am so very pleased with how these guys came out!

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