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I hate dentists - Even the ones I love

OK... so, over the course of 30 years, I ran the front office for three different dentists. My baby brother IS a dentist. In my mouth, have 20 crowns, at least 10 root canals, and I am in the process of getting my second dental implant. Obviously, I have had peoples' hands in my mouth. But that does not mean I have ever liked it and most likely I never will. When the day for my dental appointment comes around, whether it is just a cleaning (my hygienist rocks!), a filling (my last boss is still my dentist and she is awesome!) or a dental implant (my dental surgeon, just yesterday, did a superb job installing an implant--thank you very much), my blood pressure goes up about 10 notches and I have trouble sleeping the night before. These are great people, but best kept across the desk from me...

However, I still hate dentists...I hate that I willingly give them permission to get RIGHT IN MY FACE!! That I allow them to do me the favor of giving me the only shot that Hurts Like Hell--into the roof of my mouth! That I let them put me all the way back, shine a light in my face and come at me, very slowly, with sharp, torturous instruments...Yep...not matter how much I love them, I HATE DENTISTS!

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