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Monday Nights

When we were first married and both working full time, our social schedule was incredibly busy. We spent Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Racquetball Club, going directly from there to our favorite hang out to play darts and drink with a large group of friends. The weekends were super busy with all sorts of activities; the necessary things you need to do to run a home during the day, and socializing in the evenings. At least once a month in the summer, we were camping or back-packing. And at least 4 times a month in the wintertime, we were skiing or snowboarding. Very, very busy, indeed.

Very early on in our relationship, we decided we needed one evening, quietly at home. We chose Monday nights, because we loved to watch Antiques Roadshow on PBS (lol...I just realized that that show has been playing on Monday nights for at least 28 years!). I nominated Larry to be in charge of supper. He chose to make hotdogs and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (ahh...the good old days when fat, carbs and salt did not matter to us!)....However, after about 2 years of this lovely Monday night diet, I could feel the blood coagulating in my veins, and decided we had to give up all that starch. Larry's solution was to incorporate the hotdogs into the Macaroni and Cheese. And his famous Monday night dinner became the standard for over 15 years!

My daughter, Mishel, ridiculed the idea of this, until she happened to be here on one of our Mac 'n Cheese nights, and actually tasted it. She was sincerely astonished at how good it is.

For one box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Larry slices up 3 regular Ball Park Franks and browns them in a little butter. While they are browning, he makes the pasta according to the directions, adding extra milk, because his wife likes it soupy. When it is made, he incorporates the sliced franks and stirs it up. He divides it into 2 bowls; I get the soupy part off the top and he get the thicker part. We always have this with sliced sweet pickle. It is surprisingly delicious! Try it sometime...

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Tiffany Begley
Tiffany Begley
17 de jan.

This is my kids favorite!! Just takes the Mac to a whole new level!

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